2013 Strategies

Creative & Media Strategy: Building on the Success of 2012

•Target media & communications to Gen X families with a focus on Mom, the family vacation decision maker
•Align media with spring break planning window
•Extend the  media buy as long as possible

Align media purchase with the  major attraction plans


Web Content Strategy:  Building on 2012 Success

•Merge visitwilliamsburg.com with  explorewilliamsburg.com
•Develop compelling content
•Enhance website performance through optimization
•Ensure highly-functional booking engine and trained staff


2013 PR Strategy: Building on the Success of 2012
•Survey the media to shape key messages

•Produce Washington, DC media event

•Secure feature articles

•Target promotional broadcast opportunities


2013 Tourism Forum Presentation


2013 Public Relations Strategy



2013 :30 TV


2013 :15 TV